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Engage your students to create memorable lessons about the history of the 1814 Battle of Baltimore and the inspirational story of our Star-Spangled Banner! 

Extensive lesson plans available on

Play Hold the Fort! - A game of survival, strategy & nerve in the War of 1812 -Take command of Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore! Lead and inspire 1000 men under your command. Hold the Fort! puts players in charge of Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore, responsible for the defense of the fort and the city. As commander, players lead the troops, manage resources to keep the fort from falling under the withering British bombardment.

Star-Spangled Virtual Resource Center – Housed on Maryland Public Television (MPT) Thinkport, the site contains "one-stop-shopping" complete with lesson plans, primary source documents and images, sound and video clips, and more. Teachers can develop new lessons using these resources and students can use to create virtual museums and other projects. Visit the Star-Spangled Virtual Resource Center!

KeyCam - Bringing Fort McHenry to the world, the KeyCam site is anchored by four advanced web cams with their sights fixed on Fort McHenry in Baltimore. KeyCam is designed to give viewers the same sight-line to Fort McHenry that Francis Scott Key had 200 years ago during the Battle of Baltimore, a view that inspired him to write the words, “O say can you see,” that would become our national anthem.

War of 1812 Interactive Battlefield Maps  - Cutting-edge animated maps to illustrate Maryland’s unique contributions to the defense and heritage of the nation during four significant battles of the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake: the Battle of St. Leonard Creek, the Battle of Bladensburg, the Battle of North Point and the Battle of Baltimore.

Cast Your Vote GameCast Your Vote is an interactive online game that allows the player to "vote" for or against declaring war on Great Britain. Cast your vote now!