How to Improve the Click Through Rates on Your Banner Ad

There is a very simple rule when it comes to creating effective banner advertisements: if it doesn’t drive people to take action, it isn’t worth the time it took you to make it. If you want to create banners that actually get clicks and bring traffic to your website or affiliate offer, you need to have an understanding of human behavior and why we take action. Fortunately, we can break all of this down into some very simple steps.

Step-By-Step Banner Ad Creation

Use Vibrant Colors – the first step to getting clicks is getting eyes on your banner ad. The quickest and easiest way to do that is to make it easily visible. Use colors that compliment each other and attract attention.

Include a Strong Call to Action – the number one mistake of new salesmen is to forget to ask for the sale. They’ll give their pitch, tell their prospect why they should buy, but they never take that one extra step that actually seals the deal. Make sure your banner ad clearly tells your viewers what you would like them to do, like: “Click Here!”

Tell Them What They’ll Get – just because you tell them what to do, doesn’t mean they will. If you want clicks the first step is to ask for it, the second is to tell them what they’re going to get if they do click. What will you give them? Why is what you’ve got better than anyone else? Why should they pay attention to you over your competition?

Show Them Their Future – now that you’ve asked them for their click and told them what you’ll give them in return, it’s time to show them what life will be like after they’ve bought your product, signed up for your email list or done whatever it is you’d like them to do. Use graphics in your ad that clearly tell a story. Don’t just pick a stock photo you like, make sure it’s clearly painting an emotional picture of what life will be like for your prospects after they click.

All of this is tapping into the human psychology component I mentioned earlier. People want clear direction, a better future and we all want to know what’s in it for us. Stick to the rules and you’ll greatly improve your click-through rate. Just remember that the quickest way to fail is to focus on you and your bottom line instead of on your customers and prospects best interests.